Wednesday, January 11

O'Connor Curtis Lennox Weaver

After the bar last Saturday I was with a crowd of friends and we were standing around outside and beginning to drift off to our own homes. We were chatting away in groups of different sizes, and then someone in the group I was in couldn't remember the name of the female actor in the Aliens movies. I couldn't either, but I started shouting out guesses. My first guess was Sinead O'Connor, then I guessed Jamie Lee Curtis, and after a moment I finally blurted out Annie Lennox. The actual star is Sigourney Weaver, of course, and I knew none of my guesses was correct, but for some reason my three guesses provoked a strong reaction from those who heard my drunken bellows. I was quite pleased with myself.

The four women all share some certain quality, which we recognized but couldn't identify. The shared characteristic is undefined but understood. Thinking about it afterward, I thought perhaps they all have a certain boniness of cheek and jaw, but it don't think that quite sums it up. Perhaps they were all at one point publicly bald. What is it?

It fascinates me that there is some quality shared by these women that I recognized but is yet undefined. I call it a thought rhyme.


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