Thursday, April 27

Gaming History

The Escapist has a really great article on the history of games, from the first track games of the 18th century to the miniature war games written by H.G. Wells, to Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and World of Warcraft. The author also suggests a few places to look for truly inventive game design today, including Scandinavian Live Action Role-Playing. Who knew? It's a good, informative read.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Brooks said...

In Escapist H.G. Wells, the article whose history of the game really is large to the miniature war game which has been written, is in the underground prison from the first track/truck game of 18th century and the magic of the dragon: The collection and world of Warcraft. Role performance of the ライヴ action of Scandinavia is included, in addition in order the design of the game which is rich in originality not to lie today to search as for the author the small-numbered place is proposed. Someone had known? That is good report is read.


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