Thursday, March 2

Oh, you know

I think Kid Koala and Captain Kirk were both in my store at the same time just now.

I want to make a computer game that incorporates evolution as a primary game mechanic. I've used the idea in my card games already but I need to bring the idea into computer games. How about a "game" in which any player can alter an image by drawing a new line or changing a colour, but only once in a while, per day for example. So over time and with enough participation an image grows out of the chaos. Now consider this: give a few users the ability to duplicate an image so that both new ones can be taken in different directions. Thus new images will form that have the same start; one will likely become more popular and receive more attention. Communication is key, of course: each image would have an associated discussion. Perhaps other users could be given the ability to erase a line, and so bring an element of entropy into it. More of an art project than a game, but interesting nonetheless.

Would this idea of slow small changes building on one another work with Story? Right now I don't think so, but damn that would be cool.


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