Thursday, March 9

My latest game idea

A puzzle game in which the player must divert a steady flow of water into one or more buckets using certain pipes and tubes. If any water is diverted the wrong way and falls off the screen, then the playing field shrinks, which means that a poor player will quickly have the screen shrink right away into nothingness. But the more water the player gets into a bucket, the larger the playing field gets. As more and more area becomes available, more buckets become available as well. But! Each bucket can only hold a certain amount of water and so will eventually fill up and water will overflow over both sides. So a good player will eventually have a large network of pipes and tubes and different streams of water falling into different buckets all over the place.

Potentials: Some degree of rotation. User created tools, i.e pipes and tubes.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Sue Johnson said...

My latest game idea is this:

First, white text on a black screen will appear, reading the following:

"Go out to a farm in rural Nova Scotia. Walk through the gate and get bitten in the upper thigh / lower ass (straight to the bone) by a giant sheepdog. Head straight for the bathroom, and almost faint in the dirty tub of someone you barely know.

Next, go to the doctor, and have him freak out with paranoia about rabies (post tetnus shot). Take your antibiotics. Go home and trapse around in your boy-cut undies, because you can't wear pants anymore and you haven't shaved your bikini line in ages. Show your wounds off to all your friends, and recount the viscious incident to EVERYONE, with relish, because you're a masochist."

Next, the screen will go blank and the player will be introduced into a ShadowGate-esque atmosphere of choices and distractions. The player has to remember to do everything referred to in the text message, in order, or they will develop a rare-strain of viral blood poisoning.

My other idea involves some blocks of assorted colors and a paddle.


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