Friday, June 16

Fringetastic Fringetasm

This is the last weekend of the 2006 Montreal Fringe Festival. Go, go, go! It's hundred's of interesting, beautiful people doing interesting, beautiful things. The best thing I've seen there so far is Black Roses, a show put on by two attractive young girls who sing and play guitar and make you laugh with dirty jokes and deadpan humour. I can also recommend Fresh Meat, You Like It, Evil is the New Good, and Uncalled For. The name of their show is "Uncalled For 4: For Forever" which makes me laugh every time I say it out loud. Also, Joe is in Ben Hur and Laura produced You Like It. The site is If you go, try to make it to the 13th Hour, a fringe "talk show", every night at 1 o'clock at the Academy Club.


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