Sunday, December 3

The B.Roll

If it isn't abundantly clear already, the blogs that I link to on the right hand side there, under "The New Order", are clearly head and shoulders above every other blog in existence. In this post I'm going to go through each one and give a little head's up.

On Paul and John Review, Johnathan and Paul either approve or not approve of whatever minuscule distraction currently in their live. In Johnathan's case, this results in amusing and well written observations of throwback comics that he spends way too much time tracking down on the interweb. For example, he lobs us this gem, "We'd have learned how he [Parade Hater Horace] was abused by a parade when he was a kid or how a parade stole his woman or how the government programmed him to combat parades because of an ancient prophecy that predicted that a parade would someday put out the sun." Good stuff!
I'm not really sure what Paul is up to, but more power to him.

Off the Contrary is the creation of our favourite geek slash doctor-to-be: Hanni D. True to form, he provides us with sincere and very learned answers to our questions, such as "What's the use of Vitamin C?", "What's a good name for my band?" and "What's the code to the fourth level of Simon's Quest?" Watch this guy, he's on the right track.

Sneakin' Out the Hospital makes me laugh out loud in the middle of my living room, even after reading it for the third time. This blog is so good I pace myself while I read the archives so I know there will be fresh material for me to read for a long time. It's the only place where you can read awesomes like "if common sense and healthy living are diseases, then poutine pizza is the cure" and, well, fuck, I'd have to quote the whole bloody thing.

The Dominion is Dru's very successful Canadian alternanews site, and The Dominion Daily Weblog is just what it sounds like. It assumes a grasp of current events that I haven't quite attained, but it's nice to know someone's fighting the good fight. He's got a good recap of the Liberal Convention, there.

Bignose Blog is a blog just like everyone elses. Jeff writes about biking, music, and whatever is going on in his sweet life. Honest and very readable. Makes me want to get a nice bike and go camping.

Feefellaneous is a surprise every time. Shireef's got a love of life that shows up in all of his posts, even the great drawings that are up there now. Whether he's going on about plants, shitwhack music or octopuses, it's obvious he's into it, and he pulls us in and makes us know the joy he feels. Bring us more!

Moonbeams Only is Elison's experiment in poetry and language and emotion. Her blog has a tone of melancholy and nostalgia and wide eyed wonder I've never encountered before, in any medium. She has a peculiar habit of deleting entries, great ones, a few days after posting them. A true poetic soul, she has a long road ahead of her.

Lossy Video is the product of Graham and co.'s fascination with the minutiae of video and video culture. Intriguing posts but less than satisfying, and requiring too many plugins. Interesting ideas for sure, but I want more better. Screams Mile End art project.

Professor Polymath hasn't presented shit since July. Ryan's got to get off his duff and spew some content.

Cheddarplex is a collection of lazy drawings from our favourite Chad. Wildly inapplicable but somehow always appropriate, it has the feeling of some grand inside joke that everyone can be a part of if they only accept it. Collect 'em all! The feeling of disease and vague condescension is just your imagination.

Not really a blog, Sukitrebek is Brooks' page on deviantArt. He's got some good to great pictures on there, and shows a willingness to experiment that may take him places. Too bad I don't like deviantArt.

Danny Lutz is Danny's page to promote his musical endeavors, so we've got here show dates, pics, and a few samples. I visit his page occasionally so I know where to go to get my groove on.

Fighting My Place in the World is Owen's arena for shithurling and discreet weeping. Reading this I feel like an observer at an open pit soap opera.

Vache Morte is José's crazy group video project. There's some great imagery here, disturbing and sexy with occasional hints of the sublime. I only wish it streamed better so I could enjoy it properly. "Revenez souvent pour voir des shits fok-top !"
:edit: Vache Morte needs a little more detail: what you will find here is underground experimental video, complete with sound/noise. Lots of animation featuring dolls and knives, and definitely worth taking a look at. Hint: click L or P or E, but don't click F.

Center for Disallusioned Twenty-Somethings. Sue rawks! The only thing to read here is the description, but it cracks me up.

Bela's Handstand
is Sam's scattered blog of whatever spills out of his mind. When it has a consistent voice it can be quite good, but mostly it's a collection of hurried scribblings thrown down to try to keep in touch with some kind of readership. Makes you think even when you don't want to.


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Zosja said...

oh Sam, thank you...

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Sam said...


At 4:53 PM, Blogger chadiplax said...

Mighty Flames of Gratification issued from yon CcHadiplyXx engulf thee: +2 to charisma.

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Sam said...

...And a wife :)


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