Wednesday, September 27

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The past few weeks for me have been really great. I've been feeling healthy and attractive, and I'm getting lots accomplished. I'm enjoying myself more, and people respond to me better. Before, I wondered why things have been going so well for me, but now I realise how obvious it is: it's all because I'm having so much nosex.

Thanks to improved self-confidence and a new wardrobe, I've been having more nosex than I ever have before. All my friends are jealous at how much nosex I'm getting. In fact, almost everyday I have nosex!

I used try so hard to get nosex, going to bars and parties night after night. But then I realised, if you just let it happen, nosex will come to you!

A few people have asked me, "Sam, are you sure all this nosex is good for you?". Some have even pointed to certain studies that try to show nosex can lead to medical problems. But I just say "Look at me, I've never felt better! Nosex is safe and healthy! And besides, the more nosex you have, the better it gets!"

With a lot of hard work and a little luck, I can look forward to a lifetime of nosex. I just love having nosex!

Saturday, September 9


Wednesday, September 6

For music lovers

Here's an interesting peruse: Rate Your Music has a list of all the best albums, as rated by dozens of internet users (at least). You can look by year or by decade, as well.


If a student achieves 100% in a class in one year, and 100% in the same class the following year, can it be said that he or she made any progress?

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