Sunday, February 4

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The bathroom is a weird place: it can be gross and disgusting, full of germs and human waste, but it can also be a place of beauty, of makeup and mirrors and perfumes and powders. It's the room in the house where we are most in touch with our bodies and its functions. It also happens to inspire some excellent film scenes, viz:

The Shining - Jack talks to The Devil, surrounded by bright red.

Psycho - Course.

The Conversation - The toilet, OMG the toilet!

Trainspotting - The worst toilet in Scotland.

Miller's Crossing - "You think you've raised hell", "Sister, when I've raised hell, you'll know it."

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover - Helen Mirren gets it on with her lover after a visually stunning colour switcheroo.

Reservoir Dogs - That whole story telling thing.

The Godfather - Michael earns his passage into the underworld.

What else ya got?



At 11:30 PM, Blogger fEeF said...

The dude getting his head rammed in the toilet by Jackie Treehorn's thugs, demanding the money ("where's the money Lebowski! where's the fucking money shit heeeeaad!"), initiating one of the greatest, most ridiculous adventures ever brought to film.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger chadiplax said...

Ok, so....

Vincent Vega getting plugged by Butch Coolidge after flushing in Pulp Fiction.


Not such a great film but, nonetheless, Dreamcatcher. That movie had Shitweasles. They came out of the toilet. And they did things :(

At 10:21 PM, Blogger chadiplax said...

ok more Pulp Fiction Toilet stuff courtesy o' wikipedia.

Toilet motif

Tarantino uses the toilet or bathroom as a plot device:

* When Jules and Vincent are shooting Brett and his companions, a fourth man is hiding by the toilet, waiting to fire.
* When Mia comes back from 'powdering' her nose at Jackrabbit Slim's, their quiet dinner turns into them competing in a dance contest, and they become more and more attracted to each other.
* Whenever Vincent goes to the toilet, things are about to change drastically:

* A fun and romantic evening out with Mia turns into a nightmare when Mia mistakes Vincent's heroin as cocaine and overdoses.
* Vincent goes to the toilet on a quiet morning, during a stake-out at Butch’s apartment; when he comes out, Butch is pointing Vincent's own MAC-10 at him, and eventually kills him with it.
* Vincent and Jules’ breakfast and ethical conversation in the diner turns into an armed robbery while Vincent is in the bathroom.


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