Monday, January 29

A List of Artists and 5 Star Albums According to with Consecutive Albums After the Slash

Miles Davis - 18/3
The Beatles - 11/4
Charles Mingus - 11/2
Jimmie Rodgers - 10/8
Bob Dylan - 10/6
Rolling Stones - 9/2
John Coltrane - 8/2
Thelonius Monk - 8/1
Led Zeppelin - 6/6
Elvis Costello - 6/4
Duke Ellington - 6/1
The Velvet Underground - 5/4
Brian Eno - 5/3
David Bowie - 5/2
Neil Young - 5/2
Allman Brothers Band - 4/3
Otis Redding - 4/2
The Who - 4/2
Nick Drake - 3/3
Al Green - 3/3
The Beastie Boys - 3/3
AC/DC - 3/3
Run DMC - 3/3
Jimi Hendrix - 3/3
Nirvana - 3/3
Todd Rundgren - 3/3
Pink Floyd - 3/2
Woody Guthrie - 3/2
Sam Cooke - 3/2
Paul Simon - 3/2
Talking Heads - 3/2
Stevie Wonder - 3/2
Genesis - 3/2
Johnny Cash - 3/1
U2 - 3/1
A Tribe Called Quest 2/2
OutKast - 2/2
Ray Charles 2/2
Tom Waits - 2/2
Talk Talk - 2/2
Radiohead - 2/2
Aerosmith - 2/2
The Clash - 2/2
The Pixies - 2/2
John Lennon - 2/2
Van Morrison - 2/2
Sonic Youth - 2/2

Sunday, January 28

Hello, My Name is Arugula!

Tuesday, January 23

At night I dream about tsunamis

At night I dream about tsunamis. They are my most frightening dream. The come once every few months, and I've had them for years. Often they start with storms, and then a huge wall of water like the Hoover Dam looms on the horizon, and I know there is no escape. There are always more than one, and they continue coming until I wake up. Sometimes they are the same size, sometimes they vary. My strategy is always the same: move to the highest indoor point as possible before the wave hits, then allow the water to knock me around until it retreats and I can grab a hold of something again. Sometimes I must try to protect other people who are with me, and I will yell directions about what to do and how far away the wave is. There is never any one trying to protect me.

I am always in a building when the wave hits. Sometimes it is familiar, like the cottage at Melmerby, sometimes it's new. Once, a thrill-seeker in a wetsuit attached a long bungee cord to the cottage so they could ride out each wave. So far, the building has always survived the impact of the waves, but I know that someday it will collapse.

I believe the dreams represent the power of the outside world to affect my little situation. They also represent the Earth's response to the enormity of our arrogance.

Thursday, January 18

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